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What Are We Doing?

One of our proudest moments as parents is to witness the high school graduation of our children. It is a culmination of years of school work, extracurricular activities and watching our children grow from holding hands as we walked them to their first day of kindergarten to this proud moment. Last week I experienced this moment with my twin girls graduating from two different high schools, I will say it was not what I expected.

The ceremonies were held outside in the school football field because so many people wanted to be there for this special event, however, that was not how they acted. I was so heartbroken at the level of disconnect at these events. Those around me were drinking alcohol, playing games on their phones, talking to each other about plans for summer vacations and noisily leaving early blocking the view of others while the valedictorians made their eloquent speeches and the graduates’ names were read. Keep in mind that I went to two different ceremonies, this was the case at both.

It saddens me because this is a rite of passage for our young people, a transition from teenager to adult. This is a time for us who have the honor of being present to be present. To be in silence and give our children the respect and love they deserve, indeed to give that presence to ourselves as the family or friends of these young people. There is nothing more important than our attention, our attention communicates volumes. It tells people that they are important and worth our time.


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